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The importance of finding a DUI Attorney

The importance of finding a DUI Attorney
August 28, 2016 Coco Bald

Driving Intoxicated

When a person is intoxicated while driving a vehicle, it is known as Driving under Influence (DUI). The law has specified the BAC (blood alcohol content) level which can legally mark a person as drunk driving. The specified BAC level is 0.08% but minors who are under the legal age of drinking, can be declared to be driving under the influence even at lower BAC levels.

Driving under the Influence is considered to be a serious offense and directly consulting a Drunk Driving attorney will be the most appropriate step if you are charged with DUI. Since the DUI cases are extremely complicated and scientific, the lawyers that you go to should have proper knowledge about the DUI law prevailing in the state where you have been arrested. Severe penalties have to be paid if someone is arrested for DUI. The insurance premiums of the car will rise, the driving license will come at stake, huge fines have to be paid and your reputation in the society will also be hampered. This will also leave an impact on your employment opportunities. So it is good to consult a Drunk Driving attorney to lessen the penalties or defend a DUI charge.

DUI Lawyers

The DUI lawyer will advise you about your rights. The most important thing that a Drunk Driving attorney can do for you is stop your license from getting suspended. He will also do a separate investigation from his side and try to collect evidences to defend you. A well experienced DUI lawyer will thoroughly go through all the police reports, study the statements of the eye witnesses and also listen to what you have to say regarding the events of that day.

There are too many tests involved in a particular DUI case. If the results of the different tests do not come to the same conclusion, then your case can be defended. Any machinery default or malfunctioning can also be brought into light. This will also save your case if it is proved in the right way. The Drunk Driving attorneys have a better knowledge about these issues which can help in defending your case.

The Right Lawyers

A Driving under Influence(DUI) lawyer is not an ordinary lawyer. He is specialized in the field of DUI just as in the case of different specialized doctors. He also possesses years of experience in this field. All the states do not use the same tests to prove a DUI case. But a DUI lawyer is well acquainted about the weak points about the different tests. He can use those points according to his requirements.

He also advises you on what to say in court, how to say and when to say. If you follow these properly, the case can come into your favor. If you are represented by a good DUI lawyer at court, you can be rest assured that half the cake is already eaten. So it is extremely important to get the help from a professional DUI lawyer as soon as you have been charged with a DUI case.


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